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Live Recovery Prices

Here at Live Recovery we treat every case uniquely. Whilst there are common issues that cause most hard drives to fail, we treat every case as uniquely, as individual problems can exist and - of course - everybody's data is different.


One disadvantage of this is that we don't have a definite price list for work carried out. However, in light of this, we are able to suggest typical prices depending on typical cases.




Case A - Hard Drive Failure
This is the most typical data recovery option we recieve, when the data is still present on the hard drive, but you are unable to recieve it due to the mechanisms that power the hard drive failing. The best course of action would be to not boot up the computer as this can damage the data. Instead, if you send it into us we can access the data directly and recover what you need depending on your specifications. The typical cost of this is £300




Case B - Deleted files
When you delete a file, it is usually still present on the hard disk until more data is written over it. As such, files that have been deleted can be recovered, and we have the technology to do so. The typical cost for this is £120




With that said, there are cases where the failures encountered may be a bit more time consuming to rectify. We will keep you informed on the progress of the recovery, and also inform you of the work that needs to be done and the costs associated with it. We won't carry out any work until we tell you how much it costs and confirmation that you wish to proceed.