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Online Backups

We offer a Low Cost Service for simple modes of failure. For more involved work you may wish to try the services of the companies below.We cannot however take any responsibility for the quality of their service.

Online Services - with recent developments in broadband connectivity it is now viable to back up to a central server via the Internet. There are a number of reasonably priced services available and well worth investigation.

Two Online backup service i have tried are iDrive www.idrive.com and www.xdrive.com - these are low cost backup methods and usually with very good security.

A number of other companies offer more involved services including server backup online.


Why Backup?

When you consider the years worth of data contained in your computer and the value of its software, the files on your hard disk may be worth many times the cost of the computer itself. You should be able to recover from a total loss of your system due to a disk crash, computer theft, fire or other disasters. However, one corrupted or mistakenly deleted file can be just as bad. How long would it take you to rebuild that database or contact list? Could your company or department continue operations without it? Whether you are responsible for all of the computers on your office network, or just your individual system, you should have a backup and recovery plan.