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Low Cost Data Recovery from Hard Drives, RAID Devices, Flash Disks, iPods and More!

Live Recovery - North Wales Data Recovery Specialists

Here at Live Recovery we specialise in Data Recovery Services at an affordable price and in a quick and direct manner. Whether it is a problem with your hard-disk drive or issues with deleted files or corrupt office documents, we have the technology and skills to successfully recover the files that are important to you and your business.


Our processes are well suited to the common modes of failure and by focusing on these we are able to offer the outstanding value prices below. In the case of complex cases requiring hard disk drive disassembly we often work with the larger companies to achieve a cost effective timely solution for the client. Once you have contacted Live Recovery you will be assigned an individual contact so you will be able to find out the data recovery status at a given time. In special cases where data is needed very quickly we are able to create a secure FTP site to allow immediate access to individual files or email through direct.


Our excellent knowledge of the Windows Operating System and commonly used programmes gives you access to a world class service when it comes to getting your system back up and running and re-instating data.

The most commonly asked question we are presented with is "Is my data still on the disk and can it be recovered?" The answer is almost always yes to the first part and recovery the only being a question of economic recovery. This is why we we determine the value of your data to you before starting work to help you reach the right decision.

North Wales Data Recovery